Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Expert Services

A vocational consultation is valuable anytime there is a question whether the claimant has lost or may lose any wage earning ability or access to the labor market due to the claimed injury, illness or wrong incurred. Consultation services may be appropriate in cases involving product liability; personal injury; medical malpractice; wrongful termination; employment discrimination; mergers, sales and acquisitions; reductions in force;spousal support; and long-term disability insurance.   Available services include:


    • Identification and communication of significant vocational aspects of the claim.
    • Assessment of claimant’s employability, earning capacity, and other relevant factors.
    • Evaluation of claimant’s job search mitigation efforts
    • Development and communication of expert vocational opinion.
    • Vocational assessment report.
    • Courtroom and deposition testimony.
    • Review of opposing counsel’s vocational expert report.


Heitzman Rehab has been providing objective vocational consultation and expert testimony to plaintiff and defense clients since 1994.

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