Life Care Planning

A life care plan addresses the care required by someone who has experienced a catastrophic injury or who has a chronic health care condition.  This includes therapies, routine medical care, labs, radiology, surgeries, equipment, supplies, medications, mobility needs, transportation, supportive care, housing, health maintenance and educational and vocational services. The plan is meant to be a living document, flexible enough to change with the individual’s current condition/status, and grounded in sound medical practice.

Life Care Plans are developed to:


  • Identify future care needs and provide a blueprint for those needs
  • Determine anticipated life-long costs
  • Educate the injured or ill person regarding steps necessary to maintain health and avoid complications
  • Aid in setting claim reserves or settling a claim
  • Guide implementation of a special needs trust



When developing a life care plan, Heitzman Rehab will review medical records; interview the individual, family, and caregivers; contact treating health care providers or retained medical experts to verify needs; identify items/services the person will likely need; research cost, frequency, duration and replacement rates; conduct medical research including review of clinical practice guidelines, standards of care, and best practices. Once the review and research is complete, an objective plan will be created that is tailored to the specific individual.  Life care plans are meant to be objective; the plan should provide for the care necessary to allow the person to return to a productive, safe, and complication-free life.

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